GNOME Logs Search Provider

Hello everyone,

In this post I will be telling you about the search provider for the GNOME Logs as implemented by me in the last two weeks.

When we type a search term in the GNOME Shell overview search bar, the top 3 journal entries relevant to the search term are shown as results:


As you can see in the picture above, we show the journal entry message and also the process name which sent the message to the journal in the description of each of the result.

When we click on a search result, the details of the result are shown in a newly opened window:


If we click on the application icon on left side of the results in the overview, a new window is opened which shows all of the results related to the entered search term in the overview:


You can see a working video of the search provider here.

So, as you can see above, GNOME Logs is the new GNOME Application joining the league of other GNOME Apps search providers for GNOME Shell. 🙂

By default the search term is searched in all the available journal parameters in GNOME Logs. This was all about the GNOME Logs search provider in it’s current state of implementation. You can track the further progress on search provider in my github branch.

Along with the search provider, I also worked to get the patches related to the search popover merged in the GNOME Logs repository. Progress on this can be tracked on this bugzilla bug.

Apart from this, a sad announcement. I will not be able to attend GUADEC this year due to my university project evaluations clashing with the schedule of GUADEC. I will be missing GUADEC and the amazing GNOME Community very much 😦

Feel free to comment about what you think of the GNOME Logs search provider.

Stay tuned for my upcoming final GSoC project report.

See ya !


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