GNOME Logs GSoC Progress Report

Hello everyone,

I will be mentioning all the progress done in the GNOME Logs GSoC project in the previous weeks. The search popover is completed, but the patches related to it are yet to be merged, which I hope, will get merged in the coming week. In this post, I will be telling you about features implemented by me in search popover. If you want a brief recap about the search popover, please see my earlier blog post about it.

The implemented search popover looks like this when the drop down button besides the search bar is clicked :


Clicking on the button related to what label, it opens up this treeview which allows us to select the journal parameters to search the user entered text from:

popover-select-parameter       popover-select-parameter-2

If we select any particular field from the treeview, it shows an option to select the search type:


The search type option is hidden when “All Available Fields” is selected as exact search type doesn’t make sense in that case. So, only substring search type is available by default in that case.

Clicking on the button related to when label shows this treeview from where we select the journal range filters:


If we select the “Set Custom Range” option, we go to another submenu:


It allows us to set a custom range for the journal, including the starting date time and ending date time. Clicking on the either of the select date button shows this calendar from which we can select the date:


Clicking on either of the select time button shows these time selection spinboxes:

12-hour format
24-hour format

The time spinboxes change depending upon the time format used in the current timezone.

This was all about the search popover as it is currently implemented by me. From next week, I will be working on writing a search provider for GNOME Logs which can be used to query journal entries according to the user entered text in the GNOME Shell search bar. Also, I will be working on getting the patches for search popover merge into the master branch of GNOME Logs. After all the patches related to search popover get merged, I will be making a video on how the search popover works. I would like to thank my mentor David King for guiding me in the right direction and helping me get my patches reviewed and merged.

My next post will be about the search provider for GNOME Logs coming next week.

So, stay tuned and Happy Coding 🙂