GSoC 2016 Introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Pranav Ganorkar and I am a third year student at V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Mumbai pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

My very first introduction to Linux was in eighth grade when I booted the Live CD (Yes, CD’s used to be much popular at that time due to low penetration of Internet) of Fedora 13 on my Desktop. I was very much impressed by it’s user interface and started hacking on it. It was my first introduction to GNOME Desktop. At that time , in high school, I was mostly interested in installing various distros and trying out new desktop environments. What a wonderful life back then , wasn’t it ? 🙂

I started following GNOME Development when I was in my first year of Engineering. It was when I learnt about the GTK+ Toolkit and tried to make some simple applications using it.  It’s been almost three years now since I have been using GNOME as my primary desktop environment on Arch Linux. I started following GNOME Logs development from January 2016, got acquainted with it’s source code, started hacking on it and was able to make my first contribution in March 2016 with a lot of help from David, my mentor.

Now, some details regarding my GSoC project. I will be working on improving the search feature in GNOME Logs under the mentorship of David King. Currently, searching in GNOME Logs is only restricted to the front end part. Meaning, the actual search results are not fetched from sd-journal API (the API which GNOME Logs uses to fetch the entries from the journal) but using the filter function for GtkListBox in the already fetched results. So, my first task is to move the searching to the back-end part. That is, when the user types text in the search bar, the results will actually be fetched from the sd-journal API.

I will also be improving the GUI for the search interface. Currently, GNOME Logs does not have any option to graphically restrict the journal fields by which user entered text will be filtered. So, I will be adding a drop down menu besides the search bar to let the user select the various journal fields by which to restrict the search results from. Currently I have done a GUI mockup for it which looks like this:


Also, the advanced options menu button will provide the user with a dialog box which will provide with advanced journalctl filtering options like “since” and “until”. Also, user can specify the type of search : exact or substring which he wants to perform. Currently, the GUI mockup for advanced search dialog box looks like this:


Along with the above tasks, I will also be writing a search provider for GNOME Logs. So, GNOME Shell will be getting a new search provider. Yay 🙂

Finally, testing will be done to test all the above implemented functionalities. I hope that after the completion of my project, GNOME Logs will be able to match up with journalctl tool in terms of searching and filtering functionality.This is a short summary of my GSoC project.

Looking forward to an exciting summer and learning a lot in process about GNOME Development and it’s vibrant community 🙂

Also, feel free to comment about what you think of the current GUI mockups.

See you in next post. Until then,

Happy Coding !