Strace – a useful debugger in linux

I recently started working on a Project to port the GTK based pavucontrol to Qt.Not only this port will add a good gui in Qt to control pulseaudio but also I plan on adding some new features like equalizer to it.I have named it lxmixer as I am developing it primarily for LXQT Desktop Environment.It will be a nice addition to gui-toolkits of LXQT.For this, I started with the source code of pavucontrol.I cloned it from the pavucontrol’s git repo and then compiled it with the following commands:


In first attempt, configure worked fine but make started giving error about not having the rule to make README file. I solved this by looking at AUR package of pavucontrol-git in archlinux. It included a command to create README file in /doc folder using touch command. After that , make compiled it successfully.

But after I ran the compiled pavucontrol binary, it gave me an error “terminate due to exception thrown by Glib:FileError.Core Dumped”.
I googled a lot about this.
Most people having such issues use gdb to debug the program.
I also used gdb to debug the program and generate backtrace using it.

gdb ./pavucontrol
>> run
>> backtrace
>> quit

Gdb backtrace info was not much Helpful.
But after some more googling, I found a forum post containing the same error as mine and the author had used strace command to generate backtrace.
At first, I thought it was some kind of command used in gdb interpreter.
but then i found that it was seperate application from gdb.
I quickly installed it using pacman
and generated trace output using strace.

strace ./pavucontrol

And Wholla !!!! It gave me the exact reason why the error occured and where it occured.It was due to
some file not found error in importing a .glade(gtk UI Designer file).It was searching the glade file in a location where the .glade file was not present.I fixed the error by making changes to source code to search in the current build directory.
And, after making this change, the compiled pavucontrol binary ran successfully with no error or warnings at all.
Now, I can start working on porting it to Qt.I hope to complete it in 2-3 weeks.